About Us


We are groups of tourist operators who driven with the strive and passion to make a better experience for any type of traveler who visit our homeland. With years of experience and knowledge in tourism industry, we use our experience to make your.

AKV Holidays & Travel.Co.,Ltd. is a tourist agent which has an established network which covers all major Thailand destinations, with offices in all strategic inbound tourism centers throughout South East Asia.

In an industry where biggest is not always the best, AKV HOLIDAYS & TRAVEL.CO.,LTD .  We do the difference way , we small but with more than 10 year experience in this Business ,that can make us see everything was difference and directly action with all-purpose coming .An opportunity for us success exists because the National Tourism and travel industry is growing better. And we care for all requests coming and try on our best to take the final result from client is excellent  job and ending with they will happy with our service. Our tour plan will soon be spanning from continent to continent, and that in months to come we will producing our tour plan, this would enable for inbound & outbound  with agencies to be competitive as well as innovative & placing them on par with that of the key players in the industry.