Koh Lanta , Krabi

Koh Lanta , Krabi

Ko Lanta (also spelt Koh Lanta) is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, located just off the coast of Krabi. Its long coastline has nearly a dozen beaches, some considered the finest in the country, and each one with its own charm and atmosphere.

The tourist season in Ko Lanta runs from October through April with the most visitors here December to March. An increasing number of people are visiting in Green Season (May to October) when daily rainfall usually only lasts a few hours.

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Beaches + Areas: Information about Lanta’s main beach and areas on the west and east coast of the island. View Details

History + Culture: About 500 years ago the first settlers arrived on the eastern shores of Koh Lanta. View Details

Geography + Climate: Lanta is about 25 kilometres long by 3 kilometres wide with a mountain range in the middle. View Details

Religion + Being ‘Thai’: Although Thailand is predominately Buddhist, Koh Lanta is a mix of many. View Details

Long Tail Boat Tours: Taking a Koh Lanta Long Tail Boat trip is the best (non-tourist) way to see the smaller island. View Details

Scuba Diving + Snorkelling: Koh Lanta is world renowned for the diving and snorkelling in the neighbourhood.