Loei is a province in the northeast of Thailand. Its geographic features are like the North, that is, there are mountains with cool temperature and fog. One place that is popular among travellers who love challenging experience is Phu Kradung National Park. It is said that the couples can prove their love by going to the peak of Phu Kradung.

Phu Kradung,

travellers can see the beautiful sunrise and scenic views of fields and mountains at the Pha Nok Ann viewpoint. Along the trails, you can find heather flowers, and their fully blooming season is during March – April. If you want to see the sunset, Pha Lomsak is the most popular viewpoint. Moreover, you can walk on the trail to see Anodard pond, Phen waterfall and Pha Yearb Mek. You may spend 3 days to explore every attraction in Phu Kardung.

If climbing to Phu Kradung is difficult for you, you can go to Phu Ruea National Park. The national park is located in the big mountain with the large pine tree field. It is less difficult than in Phu Kradung because you can drive to the campsite. Phu Ruea (sailboat mountain) National Park is named after the outstanding sail-shaped cliff in the national park. Other attractions include Pha Nok Aen, the cliff that offers a breathtaking view of the crimson sunrise, Pha Lom Sak, a sandstone ledge jutting into space providing a fine view of the hills and valleys and Pha Yiap Mek, where cottony clouds suggest a misty world of shadow figures.

The national park has accommodations and camping spaces provided. The park is closed to rehabilitation during 1 June – 30 September every year

Phu Ruea

The peak of Phu Ruea (1,365 meters above sea level) has been regarded the coldest location in Thailand during the winter season for several years. Phu Ruea covers an area of approximately 120 square kilometers, featuring cool climate, lush pine forest and beautiful winter flowers. Other attractions include observation points, waterfalls, rock gardens, and caves with highlights such as Pha Lon Noi, which offers a spectacular sunrise and beautiful scenery, Pha Sub Thong, a very steep cliff, Namtok Huai Phai, a 30 meter-high waterfall, and Phu Ruea Summit, which provides a fine view of Huang and Khong Rivers. The foot of Phu Ruea also finds Chateau de Loei Winery, a huge vineyard with modern wine-making facilities.

Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan is a very old city with a unique culture and way of life. The most impressive scenes of Chiang Khan are the simple wooden houses adapted to be guest houses, coffee shops, and souvenir shops. On a beautiful day with nice weather, Chiang Khan provides a peaceful local life with a warm welcome for all visitors. Why not hire a bicycle and ride around Chiang Khan. Your ride can take you to all attractions because Chiang Khan is a small town. So, you can travel around easily by bicycle. Riding a bicycle is not only for travelling but is also healthy exercise and reduces pollution.For Buddhists, there are several temples presenting the art of Lan Na and Lan Chang. You can pay respects to the Lan Chang Buddha statue made of carved wood at Sri Khun Muang Temple. The pulpit of this temple is also carved and gilded. Not far from the first temple, there is another called Pon Chai Temple. Here you can experience the combination of Lan Chang and Rattanakosin art. The local culture of Chiang Khan has been preserved until the present day. The local people wake up very early in the morning and stand in line to give alms to the Buddhist monks. This is a beautiful scene which typifies Chiang Khan.


Asking for blessings for good relationships and eternal love At the boundary of Loei province, Phra That Sri Song Rak represents the friendship of two lands;Thailand and Laos. People who come to worship the Buddha’s relic will be blessed with enduring love and excellent relationships. Both Thais and Laotians believe that Phra That Sri Song Rak can fulfill one’s hopes about relationships and love. One’s love life will be blissful and the relationship will endless. Because of this belief, numerous couples and friends come here and worship the Buddha’s relic. They come with the same purpose to ask for the blessings of lasting love and harmonious relationships.Here, there is another belief. Bringing Ton Pueng (a pyramid of yellow flowers) to worship Phra That Sri Song Rak will make our good wishes come true. However, please do not worship the Buddha’s relic with red flowers or the wearing of red clothes. They believe that red represents blood and violence.