Phuket – Thailand’s largest island, which is often dubbed as the pearl of the Andaman, or the pearl of the south. Its natural resources- rocky peninsular, limestone cliffs, white powdery beaches, tranquil broad bays and tropical in-land forests contribute to making it the South’s wealthiest, busiest, most visited and most popular island and province. Phuket has a lot more to offer its visitors other than its natural heritage sea, sand, sky, beach, forest, and world renowned diving sites. Sino-Portuguese architecture casts its spell delighting travelers to the city, while Phuket-style hospitality has never failed to impress visitors from all walks of life. For seafood lovers, there is a lot more to sample than just Phuket’s famous lobster. Altogether, these characteristics have made Phuket a truly unique destination.

Beach Relax

  • PATONG Beach With half-moon shape of sloped, white-powdery beach considered the most beautiful on the island, Patong was the first beach in Phuket that was developed to serve local and international tourists. The three-kilometer beach is now Phuket’s tourist central with the most choices of accommodations, restaurants, spas, tourist-related services and shopping venues. The vibe here is dynamic so it lures in more of younger tourists who love to experience the fun and challenging water sports such as jet ski, wind surf and parasail. At the center of Patong finds Bang La, a nightlife central with selections of bars and clubs for every preferences.
  • Karon Beach is a four-kilometre long beach south of Patong, making it is one of the longest beaches in Phuket. Its character is quieter with fewer tourists than Patong, with a variety of accommodation and restaurant options, from upscale to affordable and from classic to cutting-edge.
  • KATA Beach , Kata is a sister beach of Karon, located southward from Karon Beach. The golden sand beach is best known as a home to the world-famous, activity-focused resort of Club Med. South of Kata Beach, divided be a steep cliff, is a more private and compact beach of Kata Noi.
  • Kamala Beach , A peaceful, quiet beach located two kilometers north of Kalim and Patong beaches, Kamala is home to Phuket’s luxurious resorts and Phuket’s muslim community.
  • Surin Beach , Surin Beach is another well-known beach in Phuket. It is known for its white fine sands and glistening emerald jade clear water. Surin beach is located on the foot of the hills surrounded by green palms. At the north of the beach is a golf course. The beach is ideal for surfing lovers as there are big waves during the monsoon season. Therefore, the tourists visit here throughout the year.
  • Moreover, facilities, resorts, luxury hotels or bungalows, restaurants, shopping places are all provided. You can also enjoy your nightlife at the pubs or bars on the beach. However, public transport may not be that convenient as the beach is very popular and there are many tourists each day.
  • Rawai Beach , Rawai was the fisherman village in the old days. It is now a popular place for longer-stay visitors with more choices of resorts, apartments and restaurants serving expat communities. A long-tail boat rental service is also available to nearby islands, too.
  • HAT PANSEA OR PHAN THRI BEACH , Pansea is a compact, private-like beach at the small peninsula north of Surin and Kamala beaches. Pansea is best known as the location of Phuket’s, probably Thailand’s, most luxurious resort and residences a.m.anpuri, whose uber-strict privacy policy makes returning guests include global stars, fashion designers, models, billionaires and monarchs
  • Bang Tao Beach , Bang Thao is one of Phuket’s longest beaches located in Cherng Talay neighborhood. It was formerly a large tin mining site, Phuket’s main industry in the old days, but now a location of the luxurious resorts and golf course of the Laguna complex. The beach itself is quite steep with high waves, it is not friendly for shallow-water snorkeling or amateur swimmers.


Extravagant costumes, exciting choreographs, talented and beautiful dancers and an elegant 1,000-seat theatre altogether make Aphrodite Cabaret Show the newest pearl of the Andaman and the entertainment show you shouldn’t miss.


Also known as Three-Beach Viewpoint as once you reach its peak perched in the south of Kata Beach, in front of you is the breathtaking view of beautiful Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beaches as well as the deep-blue Andaman sea. The viewpoint is located along the ring road, half-way between Nai Harn Beach and Kata Noi Beach.


Most photographs of the stunningly beautiful sunset in Phuket were taken here: Laem Phromthep at the south-most tip of Phuket island offers a memorable, unparalleled sunset moment on a clear day. Go early and sit back to enjoy the sun setting behind the Andaman sea. With its landscape easily recognizable by sailors, it is also the location of the 50-feet-tall Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse, erected in 1996 to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the king’s 50th anniversary of his accession to the throne.


The first world-class, and perhaps the best, stage show in Phuket, the 4,000-seat theatre of Phuket FantaSea features extravagant, Hollywood-sized and Las Vegas-style entertainment showcase you’ll be blown away with its jaw-dropping acrobatics, state-of-the-art light and sound systems, impressive set designs and a host of giant animals in action—the real fantasy it is. Phuket FantaSea also houses a shopping village you can browse around souvenir collections and a restaurant offering one of the world’s largest buffet line.Showtime: 09:00 p.m. daily. Buffet starts at 06.00 p.m.


The beautiful crews of Phuket Silom Cabaret promise to blow you away with their splendid Broadway-standard stage shows featuring skillful dancers, stunning costumes and great music and light system they are second to any other shows in Thailand.

Showtimes: 18.00 p.m., 19.45 p.m. and 21.30 p.m.



Sail In Asia is the premier watersports activity provider in Phuket, Thailand. We offer sailing activities on our fleet of yachts which are owned and operated exclusively by us in order to ensure a high quality service. As well as sailing day trips, we also offer IYT certified recreational sailing courses so our customers can combine their holiday with one of our courses.

Our range of water sports activities such as sea kayaking, wakeboarding and donut rides. We are a specialist water safety training centre so you can be sure that you aree in safe hands.


The state-of-the-art cultural theatre from Bangkok has recently opened its branch in Phuket so art and entertainment lovers have better chance to see the extravagant shows. Siam Niramit narrates the history of Thailand and Thai culture through beautiful shows with special effects to endure all audiences are entertained and have had a wonderful time.

Showtime: Wednesday – Monday 20.30 p.m.


Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket is another fun place to cool down the heat during summer holidays. Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket is built to create a great and fun experience for both tourists and local people in Phuket. The place covers the area of over 14 fields or approximately 22,400 square meters. The water park is decorated in various styles including Inca-Maya, African, Asian, Turkish, Northern European, North American and North-pole styles with the budget over 500 million baht. The place is designed and constructed by “White Water Industry”, an expertise company in water park design from Canada creating more than 4000 projects of water parks all over the world including Disneyland and SeaWorld. The fun begins at Lazy River floating along the stream of 335 meters long. Then you can enjoy wave simulating rides like Wave Pool or Aqua Play Pool or other highlights including Boomerango and Super Bowl. Other water park funs include slides, giant buckets, and water guns in different sides.


Wat Chalong is the most famous and sacred temple in Phuket as it was the residence of a respected monk Luang Po Cham, who took part helping people during the Chinese Coolie Rebellion in 1876 during the reign of King Rama V. The statue of Luang Po Chaem is now enshrined at the main hall, together with statues of Luang Po Chuang and Luang Po Kluem, other revered monks who resided at the temple in later years. Locals and visitors usually visit the temple to vow their wishes from the statues, and will return to burn firecrackers when the wishes become true.


Enshrined in the top of Nak Kerd Hill is “Phra Phuttha Ming Mongkhon Ekkanak Khiri,” which is commonly known as Phra Yai (“The Big Buddha”) referring to the size of this Phuket’s largest statue of Lord Buddha. The 45-meter-tall Buddha statue was structured with reinforced concrete and then covered up the surface with white marbles so it sits sparkling underneath the sun. It is the newest religious landmark of Phuket revered by locals and visitors. Parts of the construction are still undergoing and donations are welcomed.

Phuket Aquarium

The units under the control of the Phuket Marine Biological Center, the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The aim of the aquarium is to provide knowledge on the diversity of fresh water plants, fish and of coastal and marine life. It is also a source of marine scientific news and information. The exhibition of underwater life is displayed in tanks which are as beautiful as the natural environment; including sandy beach, rocky shore, coral reef and mangrove habitats.

Snake Show

Thailand is home to more than 50 species of snakes, including several poisonous varieties, and a spine-tingling (and safe) way to see them is at a snake show. Watch as seemingly fearless snake handlers charm, caress, harrass and even kiss various species of snakes, including spitting vipers and, most startlingly, King cobras.

Tiger Kingdom

A branch of the popular Tiger Kingdom tourist attraction is open on Phuket now. You have a unique opportunity to get up close and personal to these amazing Indochinese tigers of different age and sizes. All tigers were raised and tamed since the first day of their life by experienced trainers. Trainers encourage trust with big cats and tigers get used to people and often see humans as a family.In Tiger Kingdom park well-trained and experienced staff will ensure your safety but tigers are still wild animals and have to be treated with respect. In the park you can touch, pat and play with tigers of actually any age. The smallest tigers are very cheerful and they like to play with visitors.Tigers in Tiger Kingdom are not drugged or tranquillized.Just remember that tigers are big cats and they sleep up to 18 hours a day like cats at home. If you are lucky, you will see how trainers play with tigers throughout the day

Phi Phi Island Tour

Phi Phi Islands, located just 45 minutes by speedboat from Phuket, offer a great laid back tropical life style. Soak up the sun, go beach hopping or simply enjoy the great outdoors in some of the most beautiful scenery in Asia. Classic white sandy beaches, surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs and sunlit crystal clear water, Phi Phi actually consists of two islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley, so gorgeous it was used as a location for the Hollywood film, ‘The Beach’ at Maya Bay. These two islands offer a wide range of very different atmospheres such as natural wildlife spots, archeological sites, a great coral reef, fishy lagoons, as well as all beaches.

James Bond Island Tours

Joining a James Bond Island tour and cruise the Phang Nga Bay is the second most popular activity in the region. The area is situated 25 km north-east of Phuket. It consists of numerous dramatic limestone cliffs rising sheer out of the waters. The most famous one being James Bond Island with its needle formed limestone rock which featured in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. The Muslim fishing village on the island Koh Panyee is another popular spot to visit. Canoeing through limestone caves into mangrove forests is included in the tours


Similan Island

The Similan Islands National Park is situated 85 km north-west of Phuket and 65 km west of Khao Lak. It consists of nine islands known for long white coral sand beaches, crystal blue waters and providing some of the best scenery in Thailand. The islands are home to a huge variety of marine life of which many are rare and endangered species. It is the best place for diving and snorkeling in Thailand and one of the best diving spots in the world.

Coral Island Tours

Coral Island (Koh Hae) is situated 10 km south of Phuket. The island is surrounded by multicolored coral reefs, hence the name Coral Island. The island has two long stretches of white, sandy beach with crystal clear water with plentiful of tropical fishes waiting to be fed, and a few quiet bays on the other side. A short trek over the small hill and rocks leads to a small quiet cove with a beautiful beach, an excellent hideaway during the day. Sea activities as scuba diving, banana boat rides, parasailing and sea-walking are available on the island.

Raya Yai Island Tours

Raya Yai Island, also called Racha Yai Island, is situated 25 km south of Phuket. The main beach, Patok Beach, is located on a long u-shaped bay with powdery white sand and crystal clear turquoise water providing for great swimming, as is the beach at Siam Bay next by which hosts a longer and more quite beach. Kon Kare Bay and Ter Bay a few hundred meters across the island host great beaches and fantastic snorkeling. Diving tours and fishing tours are concentrated on that side of the island due to the abundance of sea life.

Tachai Island Tours

Warning Tachai Island is permanently closed for tours by the Thai government until further notice.

Tachai Island, also called Virgin Island, is situated between Similan and Surin National Marine Parks, 135 km north-west of Phuket and 70 km west of Khao Lak. It is considered to be one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Thailand. It has beautiful corals with many large fish. There are leopard sharks, nurse sharks and eagle rays. Hawksbill turtle and whale sharks are regular visitors of these water. It is a lovely island with a long white beach, beautiful waters, rocky outcrops and a small mountain viewpoint. It is also home to the peculiar chicken crabs.

White Water Rafting Tours

White water rafting is offered in Phang Nga Rafting Camp and provides for a thrilling and fun experience on rubber rafts taking 6 people each. After initial instructions and training, the tour guide will lead you down the river through the jungle rain forest on an exciting 5 km level II-III ride.


are powerful quad bikes good for one rider and one passenger. After basic instructions, the tour guide will take you through dirt roads in the jungle rain forests.

Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman is a thrilling, exciting and fun experience that will have you flying from tree to tree via zip lines starting and ending at 28 different platforms. The activity area covers 80,000 square meters of lush jungle forest. You will be assigned to a small group of people and each group is accompanied by several experienced zip line guides that will assist you and instruct you all along the way to ensure your absolute safety. You are at all times tied to safety lines at the platforms and double safety lines while on the zip lines.

Jungle Safari

A full-fledged jungle safari can be experienced in Khao Sok National Park, 110 km north of Phuket, rivaling the jungle safari tours offered in Northern Thailand. Experience elephant trekking, walking jungle trekking, river canoeing, bamboo rafting, jungle or floating lodging, long-tail boat trips and lake boat night safaris in the jungle and in the tropical rain forest. Khao Lak National Park offers a lighter version of jungle safari.


Phuket Walking Street and weekend market is called ‘Lard Yai’ by the locals and is now the most popular attraction in Phuket Town. This weekend street market was an instant success wasn’t long to catch up, denoting a need for something to happen in Thalang Road, the historical part of town. Night markets are not new to Phuket Town